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Urban Rush - Ragdoll physics based game.

Urban Rush. Development of a mobile game in the Runner genre with realistic ragdoll physics.

Screenshots of the project

The main feature of the game is the ragdoll physics - a realistic simulation of the character's behavior during falls using muscle tension and target animation. Physics are optimized for mobile devices and do minimal performance impact even on legacy devices.           

The game uses dismember mechanics, in which the character can lose a limb, and continue to move whenever possible.

Watch the project video

The game uses a procedural generation of the world, using a large number of parts of the level, arranged in a random order, which creates a completely unique passage with each launch. The configuration of the world never repeats.

Simulation of character physics allows him to fall with dynamic animation, interacting with elements of the environment. So a character can stumble or hook a wall, put it on the floor, and, standing, continue to run.

Currently in the final stages of development and will soon be published on Google Play and the App Store.

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